Best Site to Read Comics Online Free

There are a lot of webcomics published for free online. Many of these comics are hosted on their own website. However, if you’re looking for multiple comics in one place, I think Tapas, Reddit and Webtoon are your best bet. The best site to read comics online free will vary depending on your personal preference, so here’s a run down of each option.



Tapas (formerly known as Tapastic, and before that as Comic Panda) is home to a very large collection of English language webcomics in every genre. This site easily allows users to publish their own webcomic for free so there’s a lot to choose from. I wrote this post about publishing a webcomic in case that’s something you’re interested in. While the majority of comics on Tapastic are free to read, there are some premium comics that cost money to unlock. Usually the first few pages are free to give you a taste of the content. I think this is a good idea because you can get a feel for the comic and whether you are willing to continue reading.


Is Reddit the best site to read comics online free
Reddit’s /r/comics Subreddit

You may think Reddit is a surprising choice but two particular subreddits are a great place to read great comics for free. Every day, cartoonists who are hungry for karma submit their strips to /r/comics and /r/webcomics. Users vote for their favourite comics so if you subscribe, you only see the best ones appear in your home feed. Furthermore, Reddit is a great place for community so chatting with the creators and fans is a very common occurrence. You can also tip your favourite creators in the form of Reddit ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’ and the fabled ‘Platinum’.



Webtoon is a comics portal that’s been around since the mid 2000s. If originally focused on Korean webcomics but now features many English language comics. Unlike Tapas, Webtoon has no premium content. Every comic published here is completely free to read. There are two kinds of webcomics on Webtoon: Originals and Canvas. Originals consist of a curated collection of comics displayed on the homepage, while Canvas allows any creator to publish their own webcomic (similar to Tapas). There’s at least twenty different Originals that update every day. This means there’s always fresh content guaranteed on Webtoon making it the best site to read comics online free. Some Originals include Blue Chair, As Per Usual and My Giant Nerd Boyfriend.